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Allan Ginsberg - Live in LondonAllen Ginsberg - Live in London

Allen Ginsberg reads his poetry live on stage. With grace, passion, energy and humour Allen Ginsberg reads live on stage for the last time in the UK at Heaven nightclub, at megatripolis club-night, to a crowd of around 1000 people, on thursday October 19 1995.
He read a selection of his work from the 1970's White Shroud era to 80's Cosmopolitan Greetings and 90's new and unpublished poems. Reading solo at the microphone with poet om Pickard turning pages, on a raised stage under theatrical lighting. A crowd of 1000 people sat on the Heaven dancefloor and filled the balconies and galleries around the venue.
It was a great reading, Allen Ginsberg in good form, chanting a Tibetan invocation accompanying himself on the accordion on several pieces and finishing with a singalong of William Blake's 'The Nurse's Song'.
Poems read included 'Hum Bom!', 'Put Down your Cigarette Rag', 'American Sentences', 'Fifth Internationale', 'Elephant in the Meditation Hall', 'Proclamation', 'C'mon Pigs of Western Civilization, Eat More Grease!' and others.
The reading lasted for 53 minutes and finished with a standing ovation. Filmed by Steve Teers of Diva Pictures, megatripolis archivist.


'the DVD is riveting. If you've not seen a Ginsberg performance it will give you a new insight into his poetry'
--Peter Howard.

'As Jesus Christ said in a very different context, those who have ears for understanding let them understand '
Mimmo, IO Film Review.

'this is a terrific document, showing the old maestro in his later days, deeply enjoying the chance to send his poems and chants into a big hall packed with adoring fans.'
George Simmers, Snakeskin magazine.

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with clips and photos and a full list of poems on the DVD.

Jeremy Hardy Vs The Israeli ArmyJeremy Hardy Vs The Israeli Army

"Britain might just have found its very own Michael Moore. This outstanding documentary from film-maker Leila Sansour follows the stand-up comedian Jeremy Hardy as he travels to the occupied West Bank in Easter 2002 at the invitation of the International Solidarity Movement of Palestine. There he experiences for himself the brutality and heavy-handedness of the Israeli military under the Sharon administration - and Hardy is refreshingly honest about how very, very frightened he gets, realising that the army has no compunction about shooting at protesters like him with real bullets."
Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian ****


Rushes shot on location in Ecuador, Kathmandu, Algeria, Mongolia, Romania etc. available for purchase. Examples available soon. Contact Diva Pictures for further information re: format & cost