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Diva Pictures came into being on 23rd August 1994, just in time to shoot a documentary about the first official tour of Mongolia by a British music group, Nada. Following that, a series of chance meetings led Managing Director Steve Teers to set up the first Avid editing suite at Ealing Studios so creating an environment where new ideas were nurtured, multi-media events documented and programmes researched, developed and edited in-house to full broadcast 1:1 SD or HD.

By undertaking commercial and corporate production and broadcast television editing - from the Energy Industry Council's annual conference to "J Lo - Behind the Behind" on Channel 4, we are able to both continually re-invest in high-end facilities and sponsor independent productions such as the acclaimed cinema documentary release "Jeremy Hardy vs The Israeli Army".

The team

Why Diva?

Something about the cult eighties film, a respect for powerful women and too much time spent in the East …oh and we know Avid backwards.

And somehow we seem to have attracted projects like editing "Bi-curious Girls" for Five, photographing Dame Shirley Bassey's birthday party, promoting Iraqi diva, Farida and both shooting and editing a dvd for british legend PJ Harvey.

PJ HarveyShirley Bassey